Tirukural. Chapter 50: Understanding the Right Place

Kural 491

Neither ridicule the opposition nor initiate an offensive
until you possess a strategic place from which to strike.
Kural 492

In battle, a fortified position yields plentiful advantages,
even to those already possessing power and prowess.
Kural 493

Even the weak may prevail if they pick the right field of action,
establish good defenses and then fight well.
Kural 494

When an attacker lays siege from a strategic location,
his enemy’s thoughts of conquest become unthinkable.
Kural 495

In a river’s depths the crocodile is unconquerable,
but others may defeat him if he leaves those waters.
Kural 496

A massive chariot with mighty wheels cannot sail the sea;
nor can an ocean-going ship traverse the land.
Kural 497

Fearlessness is the only friend one needs,
if he relentlessly ponders from which place to pounce.
Kural 498

Even a small army, if well-entrenched, can repel
the power of a large army, forcing it to retreat.
Kural 499

Even if they are without firm forts and inferior in force,
a people defending their own soil are difficult to defeat.
Kural 500

The fearless elephant may slaughter a multitude of warriors,
yet be slain by a single jackal if his legs sink in muddy marsh.

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