A brief vision of the Slavic gods from the Magician Volhv Svetloyar.

A brief vision of the Slavic gods from the Magician Volhv Svetloyar in the processing of Ladomir.

The main God cannot be distinguished. Commandment of the Book of Veles: “God is one and He is plural. Let no one share that unity in the multitude.” All Gods are one part of the One Divine. In ancient times, our people were called Yariyas (Aryans), incarnated before the Kali Yuga. Around them was a light-bearing aura (yar). The Yariyas stopped incarnating. Those who remained began to be called the Slavs from the word “SLOVO”, which means WORD, that is, those who owned the WORD and knowledge about the Gods. They could no longer communicate directly with the Supreme Personality, but they could communicate with Its parts. For Its comprehension, Kapishje (temples), sanctuaries, chur (the wooden pillar with the image of God) mage´s staff, tambourines were needed. A Kapishje – temple is a place where strength has  accumulated. Reservoirs of Strength. Places of Power. The Reservoir may appear and disappear. It can be located anywhere, even in the city. Usually it was in nature. Since we cannot communicate directly with the Higher Power, we built Slavic sanctuaries for ourselves. As a result, a person begins to receive the knowledge that he needs in development. There is purely male magic, and there is female magic. The woman has a greater kinship with magic. Shakti – ZHIVA (hence the Wife ZINA, the one that gives Zhiva).


They tried to call on themselves to rule the Aryan kings. The king (abbreviated as TseSar, Tse(this) with Yarya. The one who had an aura around his head. Then, when it disappeared, the impostor kings used an aura substitute – a crown. The ancient kings did not need a crown. Proverb: ”Without a Tsar in the head” – about the ruler , which has no understanding. Now there are no kings. In the culture of ancient antediluvian Rome – Caesar. Our people passed from the Yaris, then they became Slavs, then the Slavs lost their memory and Judeo-Christianity came, there was a period of dual faith. The ancient culture was destroyed, the Volhvs Magi were killed. After the Slavs comes Russians. They no longer praised the gods. They only spoke Russian.


Veles Book says: ”Our gods are our ancestors, and we are their children.” For the Slavs, the knowledge of the supreme God – Bhaga (Indian Bhagavan), Not One, Not Multiple, Not Male, Not Female, beyond our concepts – they called him Bhaga. The word God came with Christianity, in the masculine gender. Bhaga – the Supreme Personality of God, which is divided into gods, there are female and male gods, knowing one or another personality of a god / goddess, a Slav works out one or another quality inherent in this god, for our time this is a good level of comprehension. The Ariyas (Yarias) did not need this. They could communicate directly with the Center of the Universe. They had a different dimension and ”tolerances”. The Slavs, the descendants of the Aryans, did not have such tolerances. They needed temples, Kapishja, sanctuaries, chur.


God Svarog. In a simplified sense, God is a blacksmith, the patron of crafts, the Creator, that. Who Svarganil Bungled the Universe. He Varganit (Creates). SvarGa (Rotating Ga our galaxy), what Svarog  created. Vargan is a tool from the same root. Svarog created the universes with sound. By studying the divine part of Svarog, any man becomes a creator. Artists, poets, musicians – all the sons and daughters of Svarog. His female half is Makosh. Kosh’s mother. Weaves the fate of people. Determines, taking into account karmic debts, which path the soul will take. Greatest Goddess. Her assistants, parts of herself, Nemesis (Nemzda) does not take bribes. In Roman mythology, the goddess with Libra. The task of Nemesis is to weigh all karmic debts. She is blindfolded. MZDA Bribe, archivist, accountant, the one who puts everything on the scales. Two more halves of Dolya and Nedolya, they weave Mokosh’s spindle, Dolya weaves fate, and Nedolya has the right to change this fate if a person makes mistakes.


Svarog creates. God Veles, exploring the created world, keeps this world in motion. Keeps it rotation. Everything unknown. Perun, Perkunas, Perkele, God of War, Warrior, strategist, gives the shortest path from A to Z, taking into account acceptable losses. When the time of destruction comes, the cycle of Svarog is over, Chernobog BlackGod comes, with the gods of the black Navi, Chernobog destroys the obsolete. Goddess Marena helps him. God Morok Hassle, the one who knows how to look away, confuse opponents, few people can interact with him. We can always turn to our ancestors for help and always get it. The prayers of the Slavs must come from the heart.


Iriy is heaven. The place where Aryans live. If the frequency does not match, then we live in this dense world. The purpose of life is to develop, VIT, VISH. The Slavs had estates analogous to castes in India. Day laborer, worker, merchant, warrior, volhv magician. When all the exams in the world are passed, the soul incarnates in the world of Pravj.


In the cosmology of the Slavs, there was the concept of Yavj, Navj, Pravj and also Iriy.


Yavj -Reality is an analogue of Bhurloka, our manifested world, where the soul goes through its school of life and becomes dense. Lowest vibration frequency. Navj is an analogue of Antarloka, the mental-emotional sphere, the astral world. Souls between incarnations, ancestors, reside in it, and we reside in it during sleep. And Pravj, this is the analogue of Shivaloka, the causal Plan. There are Gods and souls who have reached the highest development. Iriy is the place of Yariy, Aryans, or an analogue of Paradise, where souls enjoy the fruits of good deeds.

More briefly, the Slavs had the god Rod and PriRoda – Nature. What is with Rod.  Rod -Genus in this case is an analogue of the Sanskrit Purusha and PriRoda is an analogue of Matter Prakriti.

In South Asia, the Vedic tradition has been worked out in more detail, since knowledge and sources of knowledge have been preserved and transmitted without changes for millennia. In the Slavic tradition, there is more emphasis on intuition and direct work with the Gods and Nature.

One more moment. For a better understanding of the concepts and terms and the Names of the Slavic gods, you need to be a native speaker of the Russian language, which in turn is the daughter of the single Mother of all Indo-European languages – Sanskrit. Ancient languages were not the invention of man, but were given directly from the Gods. Every sound, every syllable, every word in a native speaker evokes certain images and feelings on a subtle level. Therefore, when translated into other languages, this figurativeness is lost.

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