Love has its limitations when it is directed towards limited beings, but love directed to God has no limitations.(Bowl of Saki, September 18, by Hazrat Inayat Khan)

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

If someone limits his love to a single object, saying, ’I only love this and there is nothing else I need’, surely he has not the right kind of love either. True love is limitless. Though it begins by being limited in such a way, yet it progresses and some day breaks out. … To speak of the jealous God means that the unlimited force of love cannot allow its expression to be directed towards one limited object. That is why the love of God alone is the culmination of love, for love is as vast as God. Verily, love itself is God.


The individual soul is a shoot that springs from the all-pervading Spirit, its goal being its origin; and every attachment it has on its way is, no doubt, a detaining on the journey. The soul is never fully satisfied so long as it has not reached its destination. The love of the external world is a rehearsal before the performance, which is the love of God, the Inner Being.

   ~~~ ”Sangatha II, 1 – Tasawwuf”, by Hazrat Inayat Khan (unpublished)

Man can love another human being, but by the very fact of his loving another human being he has not got the full scope. To express all the love that is there, he must love the unlimited God. One admires all that is beautiful in color, tone, or form; but everything beautiful has its limitations; it is only when one rises above limitations that one finds that perfection which is God alone.


As we give all things they come back to us through Love. The more we give, the more comes back. Love has its limitations when it is directed to limited beings, but love that is directed to God has no limitations, God alone deserves all love, and the freedom of Love is in giving it to God.

   ~~~ ”Sangatha III, 30 – Ta’lim”, by Hazrat Inayat Khan (unpublished)

Love for one person, to whatever depth it may have reached, is limited. Perfection of love lies in its vastness. ’The tendency of love is to expand, even from one atom to the whole universe, from a single earthly beloved to God.’ When love is for the human being it is primitive and incomplete, and yet it is needed to begin with. He can never say, ’I love God,’ who has no love for his fellow man. But when love attains its culmination in God, it reaches its perfection.


   ~~~ Love has its limitations when it is directed towards limited beings, but love directed to God has no limitations.

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