Tirukural.Chapter 49: Understanding Timeliness.

Kural 481

During the day, a crow can overcome the more powerful owl.
Desiring to defeat his enemy, a king must pick the proper time.
Kural 482

A man may tightly bind himself to prosperity
by the tether called timely action.
Kural 483

Is there any task too difficult for the man who acts
at the right time and with the proper means?
Kural 484

One may aim to acquire the whole world and succeed,
if actions target the right time and place.
Kural 485

Those who aim to own the world
must wait, unruffled, for the fitting hour.
Kural 486

The powerful man’s patient restraint is like the drawing back
of the fighting ram before he strikes the stunning blow.
Kural 487

When irate, clear-minded men never show it then and there.
Holding it within, they watch for an opportune moment.
Kural 488

Bow ever so humbly when meeting an enemy.
His own head will hang humiliated when, in time, he meets defeat.
Kural 489

When a rare opportunity comes your way, do not hesitate
to swiftly accomplish otherwise impossible tasks.
Kural 490

There are times to stay still as a stalking heron.
There are times to move swiftly as a heron strikes.

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