Tirukural. Chapter 53: Fellowship of Kindred.

Kural 521

Should a man’s wealth disappear, only his kinsmen
will maintain their customary kindness.
Kural 522

If a man’s kindred cling to him with unfailing love,
his fortunes will never fail to flourish.
Kural 523

Pursuing a happy life without mixing with one’s clan
is like flooding a pond that has flimsy banks.
Kural 524

The real profit gained by gaining riches
is that one may then live surrounded by relatives.
Kural 525

Scores of kin will crowd around the kindly man
who gives generously and speaks sweetly.
Kural 526

In this wide world none enjoys a more faithful family
than he who hands out large gifts and holds back all anger.
Kural 527

The crow does not conceal his food, but calls his kind to share it;
prosperity will remain with men of such a nature.
Kural 528

The multitudes thrive when they observe their monarch
observing each one’s merits, not seeing mere sameness in all.
Kural 529

Close kinsmen who have become estranged
will come back when the cause of disagreement goes away.
Kural 530

When one who left him returns with justifying reason,
the ruler may, after careful reflection, accept him back.

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