Tirukular. Chapter 21: Dread of Sinful Deeds.

Kural 201

Wicked men do not fear, but worthy men dread,
the arrogance of sinful deeds.
Kural 202

From evil springs forth more evil.
Hence evil is to be feared even more than fire.
Kural 203

To commit no wrong, even against one’s enemies,
is said to be supreme wisdom.
Kural 204

Only the forgetful plot another’s ruin; others remember
that virtue itself devises every plotter’s downfall.
Kural 205

Do not commit wrongful deeds, claiming to be poor.
Such deeds only cause one to be poorer still.
Kural 206

Let one who hopes for freedom from afflictions’ pain
avoid inflicting harm on others.
Kural 207

One can escape from hate-filled enemies,
but his own hateful acts will pursue and destroy him.
Kural 208

As a man’s shadow follows his footsteps wherever he goes,
even so will destruction pursue those who commit sinful deeds.
Kural 209

If a man feels any fond affection for himself,
let him not indulge in immoral deeds, however trifling.
Kural 210

If men neither deviate from right nor act wrongly,
they will be defended against destruction.

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