Tirukural.Chapter 16: Possession of Forbearance.

Kural 151

Just as the Earth bears those who dig into her,
it is best to bear with those who despise us.
Kural 152

It is always good to endure injuries done to you,
but to forget them is even better.
Kural 153

It is impoverished poverty to be inhospitable to guests.
It is stalwart strength to be patient with fools.
Kural 154

Desiring that greatness should never cease,
let one’s conduct foster forbearance.
Kural 155

Worthless are those who injure others vengefully,
while those who stoically endure are like stored gold.
Kural 156

The joy of the vengeful lasts only for a day,
but the glory of the forbearing lasts until the end of time.
Kural 157

Though unjustly aggrieved, it is best to suffer the suffering
and refrain from unrighteous retaliation.
Kural 158

Let a man conquer by forbearance
those who in their arrogance have wronged him.
Kural 159

Those who patiently endure rude remarks
possess the rare purity of an ascetic.
Kural 160

Great are those who suffer fasting’s hardships; yet they
are surpassed by those who suffer hard words.

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