Tirukural.Chapter 12: Impartiality.

Kural 111

Justice may be called good when it acts impartially
toward enemies, strangers and friends.
Kural 112

The wealth of those who possess justice will not perish;
rather it will be their posterity’s soothing security.
Kural 113

However prosperous it may seem, all wealth gained
by loss of rightness must be relinquished that very day.
Kural 114

In their offspring one may doubtlessly discern
who are the just and who are the unjust.
Kural 115

Adversity and prosperity never cease to exist. The adornment
of great men’s minds is to remain unswervingly just under both.
Kural 116

When his heart forsakes fairness and his deeds turn depraved,
a man realizes deep within himself, ”I am ruined.”
Kural 117

Though a man is profoundly impoverished,
if he remains just, the world will not regard him as poor.
Kural 118

To incline to neither side, like a balance scale’s level beam,
and thus weigh impartially is the wise one’s ornament.
Kural 119

Speech uttered without bias is integrity,
if no unspoken bias lurks in the heart.
Kural 120

Those businessmen will prosper whose business
protects as their own the interests of others.

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