Tirukural.Chapter 13: Possession of Self-Control.

Kural 121

Self-control will place one among the Gods,
while lack of it will lead to deepest darkness.
Kural 122

Guard your self-control as a precious treasure,
for there is no greater wealth in life than this.
Kural 123

Comprehending and acquiring self-control
confers upon one the esteem of wise men.
Kural 124

More imposing than a mountain is the greatness of a man who,
steadfast in domestic life, has mastered self-control.
Kural 125

Humility is a precious quality in all people,
but it has a rare richness in the rich.
Kural 126

Like a tortoise withdrawing five limbs into its shell, those who
restrain the five senses in one life will find safe shelter for seven.
Kural 127

Whatever you may fail to guard, guard well your tongue,
for flawed speech unfailingly invokes anguish and affliction.
Kural 128

The goodness of all one’s virtues can be lost
by speaking even a single word of injury.
Kural 129

The wound caused by fire heals in its time;
the burn inflicted by an inflamed tongue never heals.
Kural 130

Virtue will wait in the streets to meet a man
possessed of learning and self-discipline, his anger subdued.

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