Tirukural. Chapter 84: Folly.

Kural 831

What is folly? It is holding on to that which is harmful
and throwing away that which is helpful.
Kural 832

The folly of all follies is to find pleasure in
doing what one is forbidden to do.
Kural 833

To be shameless, uninquisitive, loveless and uncaring
are four failings common among all fools.
Kural 834

No fool is more foolish than one who eagerly expounds
his learning to others while failing to follow it himself.
Kural 835

It only takes a single birth for a fool to earn by his efforts
a morass of misery in the succeeding seven births.
Kural 836

Not knowing how to act, when a fool undertakes an enterprise,
he doesn’t just fail, he shackles himself in chains.
Kural 837

Should a fool fall upon a great fortune,
strangers will feast while his family starves.
Kural 838

If a fool happens to acquire something of value,
he will behave like a drunken lunatic.
Kural 839

Friendship among fools is particularly sweet,
for there is not the slightest pain when they part.
Kural 840

A fool’s stepping into a saintly council
is like entering a clean bed with filthy feet.

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