Tirukural.Chapter 47: Deliberate Before Acting.

Kural 461

When action is needed, ponder what is to be gained,
what lost, and what ultimately achieved, then proceed.
Kural 462

There is nothing too difficult for a man who, before he acts,
deliberates with chosen friends and reflects privately.
Kural 463

The wise never undertake an enterprise that rashly risks
existing capital to reach for potential profits.
Kural 464

Those who dread ridicule and disgrace
will not commence any task that is unclear.
Kural 465

To sally forth without a well-conceived plan
is one way to cultivate an enemy’s strength.
Kural 466

Doing what should not be done will bring ruin,
and not doing what should be done will also bring ruin.
Kural 467

Embark upon an action after careful thought. It is folly to say,
”Let us begin the task now and think about it later.”
Kural 468

Any task not methodically performed may go awry,
though men in multitudes support it.
Kural 469

Even in doing good deeds a man may err
if he does not consider the recipient’s unique nature.
Kural 470

Having made his plans, let a man keep his actions above blame.
The world will never approve of acts that are beneath him.

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