Tirukural.Chapter 73: Not Dreading the Audience

Kural 721

Unsullied men, skilled in discourse, may speak unfalteringly
before the powerful, provided they understand their audience.
Kural 722

Only the learned among learned can convincingly express
what they have learned before a learned assembly.
Kural 723

Men who can brave death on the battlefield are common;
but rare are they who can face an audience without fear.
Kural 724

Speak confidently before the learned what you have mastered;
and learn from those more learned what you do not know.
Kural 725

Study the science of logic in order that
you may fearlessly reply in any assembly.
Kural 726

What can a coward do with a sword?
What can a man who fears an astute council do with books?
Kural 727

The learning of those who fearfully face an audience
is like the shining saber of effeminate men facing foes.
Kural 728

Having learned many things, men remain useless
if they cannot speak well in good assemblies.
Kural 729

Literary men intimidated by gatherings of good men
are said to be inferior to the illiterate.
Kural 730

Men whose fear of assemblies forbids them to share
their knowledge, though living, may as well be dead.

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