Tirukural.Chapter 7: The Blessing of Children.

Kural 61

Of all blessings we know of none greater than
the begetting of children endowed with intelligence.
Kural 62

Those who bear children of blameless character
will be untouched by evil for seven births.
Kural 63

It is said that children are a man’s real wealth,
and that this wealth is determined by his deeds.
Kural 64

Far sweeter than divine nectar is simple boiled rice
stirred by the small hands of one’s own child.
Kural 65

The touch of one’s children is a delight to the body,
and listening to them chatter is a joy to the ear.
Kural 66

”Sweet are the sounds of the flute and the lute,” say those
who have not heard the prattle of their own children.
Kural 67

A father benefits his son best by preparing him
to sit at the forefront of learned councils.
Kural 68

What pleasure it is to human beings everywhere
when their children possess knowledge surpassing their own!
Kural 69

When a mother hears her son heralded as a good and learned man,
her joy exceeds that of his joyous birth.
Kural 70

The son’s duty to his father is to make the world ask,
”By what great austerities did he merit such a son?”

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