Tirukural.Chapter 52: Testing and Employing Men.

Kural 511

Employ men who discern the good and the bad
in every situation and naturally choose the good.
Kural 512

Let him do the work who can increase profits,
spread prosperity and search out problems.
Kural 513

He alone is trustworthy who fully possesses these four:
kindness, intelligence, assurance and freedom from greed.
Kural 514

Though tested fully in simulated settings,
many men function differently under working conditions.
Kural 515

Work should be entrusted to men based on their knowledge
and diligence and not merely on bonds of affection.
Kural 516

Consider the work, choose the workman,
calculate the timing with care, then commence.
Kural 517

Having decided, ”This man is qualified to do this
work in this way,” leave him alone to perform it.
Kural 518

After ascertaining what work befits a man,
assign him to a fitting function.
Kural 519

Wealth withdraws from the man who refuses to acknowledge
the informal friendliness his workers wish to share with him.
Kural 520

The king should scrutinize his staff’s conduct daily.
If they do not go astray, the world will not go astray.

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