Tirukural. Chapter 9: Hospitality.

Kural 81

The whole purpose of earning wealth and maintaining
a home is to provide hospitality to guests.
Kural 82

When a guest is in the home, it is improper to hoard one’s meal,
even if it happens to be the nectar of immortality.
Kural 83

If a man cares daily for those who come to him,
his life will never suffer the grievous ruin of poverty.
Kural 84

Wealth’s Goddess dwells in the hospitable home
of those who host guests with a smiling face.
Kural 85

If a man eats only after attending to guests’ needs,
what further sowing will his fertile fields require?
Kural 86

The host who, caring for guests, watches hopefully for more,
will himself be a welcomed guest of those whose home is Heaven.
Kural 87

Charity’s merit cannot be measured by gifts given.
It is measured by measuring the receiver’s merits.
Kural 88

Those who never sacrifice to care for guests will later lament:
”We hoarded wealth, estranged ourselves, now none will care for us.”
Kural 89

The poverty of poverties is having plenty yet shunning guests.
Such senselessness is only found in senseless fools.
Kural 90

The delicate anicham flower withers when merely smelled,
but an unwelcome look is enough to wither a guest’s heart.

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