Tirukural. Chapter 8: Possessing Love.

Kural 71

Can any lock keep love confined within,
when the loving heart’s tiny tears escape and confess it?
Kural 72

The unloving belong only to themselves,
but the loving belong to others to their very bones.
Kural 73

They say it is to know union with love
that the soul takes union with the body.
Kural 74

Love makes one affectionate toward all,
and affection affords the priceless treasure of friendship.
Kural 75

They say love’s greatness is this: it yields to good families
worldly happiness here and heavenly bliss hereafter.
Kural 76

The uninformed say love abides with virtuous souls,
unaware that love is also friend to those immersed in vice.
Kural 77

As the blazing sun dries up a boneless worm,
so does virtue scorch a loveless being.
Kural 78

Life without love in the heart
is like a sapless tree in a barren desert.
Kural 79

What good is a body perfect in outer ways,
if inwardly it is impaired by lack of love?
Kural 80

With love enshrined in the heart, one truly lives.
Without it, the body is but bones encased in skin.

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