Section III: The Way of The Renunciate

Chapter 25: Possession of Compassion

Kural 241
Among the wealthy, compassionate men claim the richest wealth,
for material wealth is possessed even by contemptible men.
Kural 242
Find and follow the good path, ruled by compassion.
Of the many ways, that one leads to liberation.
Kural 243
Those whose hearts are drawn toward mercy
will never be drawn into the dark and woeful world.
Kural 244
Kindly ones who lovingly protect all life
need never dread hurt from the actions of their own life.
Kural 245
This wide and wind-swept fertile Earth is witness to the truth
that misery is not for kind-hearted men.
Kural 246
They say those who act cruelly by forsaking kindness
must have forgotten what it means to forsake virtue.
Kural 247
As this world is not for the penniless,
so is that world not for the pitiless!
Kural 248
Those without wealth may one day prosper,
but those without kindness are utterly and incurably poor.
Kural 249
Practicing charity without compassion is as inconceivable
as realizing God without clarity of mind.
Kural 250
Before proceeding against men weaker than yourself,
ponder when you stood before those more powerful.

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