Tirukural.Chapter 15: Not Coveting Another’s Wife.

Kural 141

Those who know virtue’s laws and marital rights
never indulge in the folly of desiring another man’s wife.
Kural 142

Among those who stand outside virtue, there is no greater fool
than he who stands with a lustful heart outside another’s gate.
Kural 143

No different from the dead are those who
wickedly desire the wife of a friend.
Kural 144

Though a man’s measure be mountainous, what good is it
if, without the minutest concern, he takes another’s wife?
Kural 145

A man who seduces another man’s wife, knowing she is easy,
suffers a shame that neither dies nor diminishes.
Kural 146

Hatred, sin, fear and disgrace–these four
never forsake the man who commits adultery.
Kural 147

He is decreed a worthy householder who holds
no desire for the womanly charms of another’s wife.
Kural 148

The chivalry that does not look upon another’s wife
is not mere virtue–it is saintly conduct.
Kural 149

In a world encircled by the awesome sea, to whom do good things
belong? To men never impassioned to caress a married woman.
Kural 150

Though a man deserts virtue and indulges in vice, he keeps
some decency by not wanting another’s wife’s womanliness.

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