Tirukural.Chapter 14: Possession of Virtuous Conduct.

Kural 131

Virtuous conduct leads a man to eminent greatness.
Therefore, it should be guarded as more precious than life itself.
Kural 132

In your striving, be mindful to preserve good conduct.
In your deliberations, discover it is your staunchest ally.
Kural 133

Morality is the birthright of high families,
while immoral conduct’s legacy is lowly birth.
Kural 134

If a priest forgets the Vedas, he can relearn them.
But if he falls from virtue, his high birth is forever lost.
Kural 135

Prosperity is not for the envious,
nor is greatness for men of impure conduct.
Kural 136

The firm-minded never slacken in upholding virtuous conduct,
for they know the miseries brought on by such neglect.
Kural 137

By honest conduct one achieves honorable eminence,
while corrupt conduct brings one nothing but blame.
Kural 138

Good conduct is the seed in virtue’s field;
wicked conduct’s harvest is never-ending sorrow.
Kural 139

Men who conduct themselves virtuously
are incapable of voicing harmful words, even forgetfully.
Kural 140

Those who cannot live in harmony with the world,
though they have learned many things, are still ignorant.

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