Tirukural.Chapter 11: Gratitude.

Kural 101

The bounty of Heaven and Earth are scant repayment
for help rendered though no help was received.
Kural 102

A kindness done in the hour of need may itself be small,
but in worth it exceeds the whole world.
Kural 103

When help is given by weighing the recipient’s need
and not the donor’s reward, its goodness is greater than the sea.
Kural 104

While aid may outwardly seem as puny as a mustard seed,
those who know will deem it as imposing as a towering palm.
Kural 105

Help rendered another cannot be measured by the extent of
assistance given. Its real measure is the recipient’s worthiness.
Kural 106

Never forget fellowship with pure souls,
nor forsake friendship with those who aided you in adversity.
Kural 107

For seven lives in seven bodies the grateful will remember
friends who relieved their anguish and affliction.
Kural 108

It is improper to ever forget a kindness,
but good to forget at once an injury received.
Kural 109

The deadliest injury is effaced the moment
the mind recalls a single kindness received from the injurer.
Kural 110

Having killed every kind of goodness, one may yet be saved,
but there is no redemption for those who let gratitude die.

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