Tirukural. Chapter 10: Speaking Pleasant Words.

Kural 91

Pleasant words, full of tenderness and devoid of deceit,
fall from the lips of virtuous men.
Kural 92

Better than a gift given with a joyous heart
are sweet words spoken with a cheerful smile.
Kural 93

A kindly countenance and sweet words
spoken from the heart are virtue’s way.
Kural 94

Poverty-provoking sorrow will not pursue
those who speak joy-producing words to all they meet.
Kural 95

Humility and pleasant words are the jewels
that adorn a man; there are none other.
Kural 96

If a man seeks to do good while speaking sweet words,
his virtues will wax and his vices will wane.
Kural 97

Words yield spiritual rewards and moral excellence
when they do not wander far from usefulness and agreeableness.
Kural 98

Sweet speech that is a stranger to pettiness
imparts pleasure not only in this life, but in the next.
Kural 99

Why would anyone speak cruel words,
having observed the happiness that kind words confer?
Kural 100

To utter harsh words when sweet ones would serve
is like eating unripe fruits when ripe ones are at hand.

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