Beloved Ones of God,

And when we come to the Zoroastrian religion, it is a religion of purity, purity by affirmations, and it is a religion which shows how to make a God for oneself first, which is the first step in the path of God. The scripture of Zarathustra always says, ”These beautiful flowers, where have they come from? Is it not that You have made the delicious fruits, the sweet fruits, where do they come from? Have they not been made by You? This running water, where does it come from? Is it not from the same source? Where does it go? It goes to You.”

By taking every action of life that comes through the plant, through the water, through the sun, through the wind, everything that one looks at and marvels at in nature, Zarathustra teaches one to think of that marvel connected with God, and in this way one can make God living. The whole scripture of Zarathustra is connected with it. If one goes through the affirmations of Zarathustra, it means that one wishes to make God living, to see His manifestation with open eyes, to have communication with God Himself through nature; it is a wonderful thing.

When the Zoroastrian stands up so many times during the day, either before the water or before the sun or before the wind or if he is not in nature, then before fire, and says the holy words of Zarathustra, he tries to exalt his soul, tries to come closer to his God, tries to make the God who is only a conception a living God by connecting and identifying the spirit of God with all that is living and moving on earth. It is a wonderful meditation. A man may meditate with his eyes closed for ten years and may not attain to that bliss which the one with open eyes will receive from communicating with nature, recognizing God in it, identifying his Lord with everything and all things.


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