The world won’t stay the same. Ladomir Rodumilov (Sadananda Bramhachari Puri)

Now the whole world is a big casino
Rotating fate roulette
You can put all hope on zero
Without leaving the staircase.

And going out to the store for beer
Like drawing a hapless lottery
You tear the petals off the chamomile
Health, or get sick.


Maybe people will become even angrier
And the wars will go on too
Now do not sit on the sidelines
And it is difficult to remain indifferent.

Or maybe it was sent by the Creator
To change in the human race forever
That selfishness and indifference in the soul
That poisoned everything good in man.

We share something and fight among ourselves
And the fire of the red light is already flickering
From the surface of the planet in hours
The virus takes dozens of lives.

But let’s imagine that a big shaman
Whispered magic words to the wind
And the whole crown dissolved before our eyes
And the air became safe and bright.

And what will people do this time
Escaping destruction only by a miracle
They will hold on to a mirage
And the values ​​of consumption civilizations?

Hindu, Mohammedan and Buddhist
Jew, American or Greek
Didn’t it become clear to us yet
That there is only one word – MAN.

© Copyright: Ладомир Родумилов, 2020
Свидетельство о публикации №120082908457

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