On the verge of extinction. Ladomir Rodumilov (Sadananda Bramhachari Puri)

I asked Mother nature
Why in winter in Finnish distances
We have never seen snow
And we put on rubbers in the rain.

She didn’t answer me with words
But suddenly a picture appeared in my mind
What’s on the body of mother planet
A bad evil force started up.

The smoke of factories darkens the sun
Blood is pumping from the depths
Blacker than tar
Die from bags and plastic
Blue whales in the vastness of the sea

All living things are on the verge of extinction
Man digs his own hole
Will soon irrevocably lose
Your kind, caring Mom.

The planet has its own guard
Spirits of the forest, rivers and oceans
To the death of stupid greedy people
They are wars, they send hunger.

Viruses mow and hurricanes
Where there was summer there will be autumn
The situation will only get worse
If we don’t ask for forgiveness.

If we don’t stop mocking
To ruin all living things thoughtlessly
There is only one decision left
To exterminate the godless species on the planet.

© Copyright: Ладомир Родумилов, 2020
Свидетельство о публикации №120082908374

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