The Universal Law of Moses. Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Beloved Ones of God,

When we come to the Message of Moses, we find that no nation will ever be able to make an improvement upon the divine law Moses once gave. And whenever there is any attempt at improving it, there will always be a mistake. Why? Because it is natural law, it is not man-made law, it is God-made law. The different civilizations at different times have built a law on the ground of Moses. They may forget it, they may deny it, but at the same time this is the central theme. The mission of the master was to make the corrupted world abide by the law of harmony. It is all right for a free thinker to think he will act this way or that way, but it will not do for the collectivity. For the collectivity there must be a law of harmony. And is it an easy thing to give a law? When men give a law, that law never proves to be the right law in the end, unless it is the natural law. When the law is given by God through his prophet, that has a power, that has life in it, and it is accepted; people abide by it.

I should say today that even at this time when people have gone far from the ancient law, if that ancient law of Moses was regarded, the world would become much better. If one can open one’s eyes and look into life, it seems that the world is going from bad to worse every day. They call it freedom not to abide by law. But that freedom does not lead them to anything. On the contrary, they are restless, they are dissatisfied, they are grudging, they are grumbling, they are never contented.

Besides that, there was a mysticism give by Moses known to very few, which indicated the rhythm of the universe. And it is from the rhythm of the universe that the law of numbers, the science of numbers comes. So now you can connect the divine inspiration on one side, and deep perception in the hidden law on the other side, which brought the master to give to the world the law that was necessary, and the law that was to become the foundation of the future race. Many say that they know something about the mystery of numbers, but this mystery remains hidden: it is mysticism. The mystics have called this science Zafar, and this science is a key to the hidden law of nature. Imagine that at that time there was a prophet who knew the science to such an extent that he knew the figures of the rhythm of everything: of fire, of earth, of water, of air, and of ether. If he had not had the perception of the rhythm of the cosmos, he would not have been able to give that law, that science.

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