Vedic Verses for 5/5/17

On the power of sacrifice which is grounded in highest heaven and by Cosmic Order in Cosmic Order established, [our Fathers], though mortal, attained immortal seats in those spheres above which firmly support the heavens.

Rig Veda V, 15, 2

Agni extends the sacrifice to heaven: his forms are scattered everywhere.

Rig Veda X, 80, 4

May those two Sages, the Watcher and the Waker, he sleepless and the vigilant, guardians of your breath, be alert for your safety by night and by day!

Atharva Veda V, 30, 10

All hail to Agni whom with reverence we approach! May the Sun continue to rise here for you! Arouse yourself from the pit of Death, from the shadows, however dark they may be!

Atharva Veda V, 30, 11

Homage to Yama, homage to Death, homage to the Fathers and those who conduct you! I set forth Agni, who is able to save, before the eyes of this man, that he languish no longer.

Atharva Veda V, 30, 12

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