Vedic Verses for 5/23/17

Lo, I have now released you from Death! May life-giving breaths breathe in concert! Let not the wild-haired women nor the dismal howlers howl at you!

Atharva Veda VIII, 1, 19

I have brought you back, I have found you again. You have come back renewed, all your members complete, your sight unimpaired, your whole life span intact!

Atharva Veda VIII, 1, 20

Life has breathed on you! Light has come! Far away from you has darkness retreated. Far from you are Death and Perdition and Decay.

Atharva Veda VIII, 1, 21

Guard well, O Man, your share of immortality, that you may reach old age without mishap. Spirit and life I now impart to you! Do not vanish into shadow and darkness! Do not perish!

Atharva Veda VIII, 2, 1

The subtlest part of the water that is drunk rises and becomes prana.

Sama Veda, Chandogya Upanishad VI, VI – The Physical Nature of the Mind, the Prana and Speech, 3

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