Lessons for Sequestered Families. Chapter 2

Here is a powerful affirmation for the family to repeat together
or alone.
Repeat it together or individually to impress the mind with
positive thoughts

A Story from Guru Chronicles
In this audio story Gurudeva is aboard a ship, on his way to India to find
his Guru. He is shown in his quarters here, painfully close to the ship’s
engine room. Click the URL below to play the story.

An Illustrated Tale from Our
Children’s Book on 10 Yamas

This story is from the children’s book Ten Tales About Self Control.

Caught in a Friend’s Lie

Anand noticed that Jothi’s eyes were wandering constantly
towards the door and away from the computer project they were there to do.

Finally, Anand
complained, “Jothi, I also want to
go out and play. I stayed back to
help you complete your
assignment, but you’re not paying
attention. At this rate, we’ll be here
all night.”
After a few more minutes of Jothi’s
fooling around, Anand felt his
temper rise a bit. He said, “Jothi,
focus, or I’m leaving!” Nikhil and
Ved, who were the only others in the room, looked up. They
were surprised at the sharp tone in Anand’s voice. Seeing the
two boys looking at him, Jothi flushed and barked back at
Anand, “Oh, you think you’re a big shot, huh? You know all the
answers, and the questions, too. I’ll complete it at my own
“In that case, you will have to do it on your own,” replied Anand.
But just as Anand was getting off his chair, Jothi’s strong hand
caught his arm from behind. “No, my friend, you can’t just
leave. Let’s wrestle. If you win, you can leave. If I win, then you
have to complete my assignment.”
Jothi then pulled Anand toward him. Anand lost his balance. As
he was about to fall, he tried to grab the edge of the desk.
Instead, he caught only some cables and fell hard to the
ground. The keyboard came down, landing off to one side of
the table. Then, with a loud crash, the computer monitor fell on
the floor in front of him.
For a few seconds, there was total silence. The boys were in
shock. Jothi was the first to speak: “Get up, you fool. If the
teacher sees you lying down like that, we’ll be in trouble.

Quickly, Jothi picked up the monitor and put it back on the
table. He switched it on, but the monitor seemed to be dead.
Nikhil and Ved looked at each other fearfully. By now Anand
had gotten up. He said, “Why did you push me like that? Look
what happened!”
Jothi calmly replied, “Anand, it was all in fun. This doesn’t have
to be anyone’s fault. When our teacher Mr. Kumar asks, all of
you can just tell him that I tripped on the cord and knocked the
monitor down.”

Anand said, “But that’s a lie. That’s not the truth.”
“So, who cares if it’s the truth or not? We’ll get in trouble if we
tell the truth,” replied Jothi.
Just then Mr. Kumar walked into the room and asked, “What
was that noise, boys?”
Jothi gave a soft smile and said, “Sir, my foot caught the power
cord on the floor and it pulled the monitor off the table. I think
there’s a problem with it, because it won’t turn on.”
Mr. Kumar looked from one boy to the other. He switched on
the monitor, but nothing happened. Turning to Anand, he
asked, “What happened, Anand?”

Anand lowered his head. Out of
the corner of his eye he saw Jothi
staring threateningly at him. Telling
the truth would be bad for Jothi.
Already the boy had gotten in
trouble several times this school
year. Another incident, and he
could be suspended. In spite of his
better senses, Anand said, “It
happened the way Jothi just told you, Sir.”
Shaking his head, he turned to the other two boys. They were
obviously scared and backed up Jothi’s story that it was all an
Jothi smiled broadly and said, “Sir, they say I told you the truth.
Do you believe me now?”
The teacher shook his head again and said, “You have to learn
to be careful. This computer is valuable. You should take care
of it the way you take care of your personal belongings.” Saying
these words, Mr. Kumar began to walk out of the room, but just
as he reached the door, he turned suddenly and looked at
Anand. He was quick to notice the way Anand immediately
averted his eyes and stared at the wall. Mr. Kumar knew
someone was lying.
Anand walked out of the lab room feeling upset and confused.
Why had Jothi pushed him down? After all, he had been trying
to help Jothi! And then he had to lie for him! Maybe Jothi wasn’t
such a good friend. This certainly did not feel right.

Anand set off to walk home. The evening sun was slowly
setting. The tops of the trees glowed with a bright orange
shade. The sunlight reflected on the clear blue lake on the way
to his house. He saw a flock of swans land gracefully on the
water. Surely they never had to lie about anything, he thought.
Why do people lie? Isn’t it easier to speak the truth? Yes,
sometimes speaking the truth is scary because you can get
yourself in trouble, but at least that will be the end of it. But one
lie always seems to lead to another. The problem might be
covered up, but inside, deep inside, something will always
bother you.


In the video below Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami discusses
the how we can face life’s challenges.


Humor from Hinduism Today

Featured Video
Off to India we go, to see the amazing way the 11,000 pound
avudaiyar was made using molds buried in the earth.
Iraivan Temple Avudaiyar Casting

Path to Siva for Kids

Karma is a program started by Siva, an invisible law of the
universe that works by itself. This program records and returns
to us our good or bad behaviors. It rules over the effect of your
thinking, words and actions. Gravity causes things to fall to the
Earth. Science cannot explain gravity, but things still fall to the
Earth. Similarly, science cannot explain karma but it still works
in our life. Karma is a good teacher. It teaches you to keep up
good behavior by following the yamas and niyamas. Doing bad
is like planting poison ivy, which you may one day

Coloring Art
In each lesson we will include some black and white
illustrations, some simple, others complex. Above we see a boy
accidentally break a neighbor’s window, and then making it
right by repairing the damage. as the roadside shrine to Lord
Ganesha above. The idea is to print these out on paper and
invite the kids to color them with crayons, colored pencils or
chalk. Their uniqueness lies in their Saivite style and subject

Character Quality: Appreciative

“Appreciation is the state of respect, even awe, inspired by
beauty, excellence or skill perceived in one’s surroundings. I
cultivate appreciation by admiring and valuing all that I
encounter. The opposite is unawareness.”
“Gurudeva explained: “Appreciation is a beautiful, soulful
quality available to everyone in every circumstance—being
thankful for life’s little treasures, grateful for the opportunity to
begin the day where you are, appreciating the perfect place
your karma and God’s grace have brought you to. Appreciation
is life-giving.”
“Loving appreciation is a life-changing force just waiting to be
used. Express appreciation to community leaders, business
associates, spiritual mentors, family members and friends as
often as you can. Loving appreciation is a magic formula that
works both ways. When we commend another, we are
automatically uplifted.”
Discuss with the family how we can all be more appreciative.

Kolam of the Day

Remember, you can print out the dots (you may have to enlarge
it) and then color the kolams with pens, Photoshop, crayons
and, well, you know what to do. But first, watch a professonal
make a kolam with white rice flour. She is talented!

Sadhana of the Day
Forgiving Mistreatment by Others

Mistreatment is a common challenge we face in life that
provides us with good opportunities for spiritual progress, if we
respond in a wise manner with self-control. Life provides us a
wealth of experiences in which we are mistreated by others.
Rather than retaliate or hold resentment, we can forgive and
respond with kindness. We can also take our hurts to the guru
and leave them at his feet.

History of Hindu India Video 2

Our series of films on YouTube have millions of visitors. There
are five in all. Today we link you to the 22-minute film on the
period 300 to 1000ce, and share one of our songs on the
nature of India and her history. 300 to 1000ce:

Quote of the Day

“Understanding, loving and making allowances—these are the
strengths of the soul awakened through sadhana, once the emotional
ups and downs and the barriers of the instinctive influences of fear,
jealousy, anger, deceit and disappointment are conquered.”

A Music Video
Song Two for History Movie Part One
”That’s What Hindus Believe”


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