Tirukural. Chapter 65: Eloquence

Kural 641

Among a man’s many good possessions,
none can equal having a good tongue.
Kural 642

Prosperity and ruin issue from the power of the tongue.
Therefore, guard yourself against thoughtless speech.
Kural 643

The substance of artful speech holds friends spell-bound,
and its eloquence enchants even enemies.
Kural 644

Judge the nature of your listeners and speak accordingly.
There is nothing more virtuous or valuable than this.
Kural 645

Speak out your speech after ascertaining that
no speech can be spoken to refute that speech.
Kural 646

To speak so that listeners long to hear more and to listen so that
others’ meaning is grasped are ideals of the impeccably great.
Kural 647

In a war of words, none can defeat a persuasive man
who never succumbs to fear or forgetfulness.
Kural 648

Upon finding men whose forceful speech is couched
in cogent and enchanting ways, the world swiftly gathers around.
Kural 649

Unaware of the artful use of a few flawless words,
men become enamored with excessive verbiage.
Kural 650

Men who cannot communicate their knowledge to others
resemble a bouquet of unfragrant flowers in full bloom.

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