Tirukural.Chapter 43: Possession of Wisdom.

Kural 421

Wisdom is a weapon that can ward off destruction.
It is an inner fortress that no enemy can assail.
Kural 422

Wisdom will harness the mind, diverting it
from wrong and directing it toward right.
Kural 423

Whatever is heard from whomever’s lips,
wisdom will rightly discern its true meaning.
Kural 424

Wisdom speaks well, conveying each meaning clearly,
and listens for the subtlest sense in others’ speech.
Kural 425

The wise befriend the wise and keep that friendship constant,
not opening and closing it like the petaled lotus.
Kural 426

It is wisdom to live in the world
in the way that the world lives.
Kural 427

Those who know, know what will happen next.
Such things are unknown to the unknowing.
Kural 428

It is folly not to fear what ought to be feared.
So the wise dread what should be dreaded.
Kural 429

Fearsome sufferings shall never happen
to knowing ones who guard against future happenings.
Kural 430

Those who possess wisdom possess everything.
Whatever others possess, without wisdom they have nothing.

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