Tirukural.Chapter 40: Learning.

Kural 391

All that you learn, learn perfectly, and
thereafter keep your conduct worthy of that learning.
Kural 392

Two are the eyes of those who truly live–
one is called numbers, and the other letters.
Kural 393

The learned have eyes that see, they say.
The unlearned have two open sores on their face.
Kural 394

It is the learned man’s prowess that meetings with him
bring delight, and departures leave pleasant thoughts.
Kural 395

The learned remain ever humble, as the poor are before
the prosperous. Lowly men lack such learning.
Kural 396

The deeper a sand well is dug, the more freely its water flows.
Even so, the deeper a man’s learning, the greater is his wisdom.
Kural 397

Knowing that knowledge makes all nations and neighborhoods
one’s own, how can a man stay untutored until his death?
Kural 398

The learning a man secures in one birth
will secure his well-being in seven.
Kural 399

When the learned discern that the learning which delights them
also delights the world, they love learning all the more.
Kural 400

A man’s learning is an imperishable and precious wealth.
No other possession is as golden.

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