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INDIA, April 29, 2017 (The Hindu): In early March, the Madras Sanskrit College (MSC) unveiled a digital campus to expand the reach of Sanskrit through online courses, live books and live podcasts. ”Students can register any time for the online courses, but they start only in certain batches, every two weeks. The fourth batch started on April 29, and the fifth will start on May 13,” says Ramesh Mahalingam, trustee of the college’s parent body, and great grandson of V. Krishnaswami Iyer, college founder.

Each batch lasts about four months, offering 30 modules at the beginner’s level. The first 10 modules provide a general overview, starting with lessons on the Sanskrit alphabet. Though the physical campus is a Sanskrit-only zone with daily conversations taking place in the language, the digital one has some of the teaching done in English, to ease beginners into the course. In the few weeks since the inception of the course, the four batches that started have already amassed about 590 students globally, from Australia, the Middle-East and the U.S, besides India. ”In the first 23 days, we registered about 20 a day. My target for the year is about 3000. We are well on the way to that number,” says Ramesh.


MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, (gocdmx): Yoga, a Hindu practice to balance body, mind and spirit, is not only for a selected few. With the ”Yoga in your Neighborhood” program, Mexico City seeks to bring the activity to various sites throughout the city at no cost. One of the project’s founders, Berenice Hernandez, said that the project, which began in 2011, seeks to spread yoga and facilitate access to all people. She explained that this practice was previously considered as an activity for only the wealthy.

Hernandez mentioned that Yoga in your Neighborhood seeks to promote the benefits of Yoga regardless of color, age, sex or social status, through free classes in various public spaces in Mexico City. For six years, the program has changed into a festive setting to included a bazaar with holistic products from small and medium-sized Mexican companies that offer various products and services. Initially, the programs were visited by about 1,500 people per day, a number that has doubled over the years to reach 3,000. The next edition of this festival will be on May 6 and 7 in the Naucalli Park.


The knowing Self is not born; It does not die. It has not sprung from anything; nothing has sprung from It. Birthless, eternal, everlasting and ancient, It is not killed when the body is killed.
— Yajur Veda, Katha Upanishad, 1.2.18

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